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Types of Investments to Make as a Millennial

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If you are seeking the perfect investment as a millennial, learn first why investing is important. Check out the list below to discover which investment works best for your situation. Better still, choose a handful of investments that are realistic so that you're on the road to a financially free life.

Why Should Millennials Invest?

Consider investing as a much more efficient way to build your money and secure your future.

Understand Compounding.

Regardless of what you do with your money, you are probably at risk of loss. This should not stop you from employing smart investments strategies so that you may reduce risks while still earning enough return to achieve your financial goals.

You should actually do all you can to get started into investing and get into it as soon as possible. Why? Because you cannot speed up compounding.

Compounding returns are the driving force that makes investment so strong, particularly when you are young and have much more time. The longer you allow your money to go into investments, the more likely you will be to get a favorable result.

If you delay investing, you will have to pursue greater returns to make enough money to achieve your goals. This puts you at more risk because you are attempting to make a higher return.

Time is right at your side, so take full use of it and don't wait till you start.

Beat Inflation.

All investments include risk. But allowing your money to sit in cash has its own danger, which is the risk of losing purchasing power because of inflation. Inflation averages just a little under 3% per year, and the highest bank saving rates are a little above 2%. Just leaving your cash on those savings accounts and in the future, it will be worth less than it is now.

If you do not take steps in beating inflation by taking full advantage of the compounding interest and the returns on investment now, then saving for a comfortable life could take you a lot longer.

Find Ways To Grow Your Money


One of the smartest investments you can do is to prepare for uncertainty and to ensure that your responsibilities are managed even in your absence, and one of the greatest ways to accomplish this is to invest in life insurance plans

Insurance premiums are directly proportional to age. The best time to invest in life and health insurance is when you are young and healthy. You would wind up paying greater premiums at later times for the same benefit. This is because as people get older, the chances of getting illnesses are increased, and insurance premiums, therefore, become more expensive. Getting your insurance policies at a young age can enable people you to achieve competitive rates at an early stage.

Obtaining your own insurance is a solid sign of adulthood. You currently earn extra money to cover yourself and your loved ones in crises, but you are not yet ready to put your money in risky yet very profitable enterprises.


Millennials are a generation of people noted for being tech-savvy and an embracer of digital stuff. Even when it comes to investing, most people prefer to accomplish things online or via an app instead of completing extensive paperwork or dealing with a banking representative. Also, millennials are a generation of extremely ambitious people. They are looking for investments that deliver large returns in shorter terms. Although there are not many investments that immediately produce significant profits, Cryptocurrency is an exception.

Cryptocurrency, certainly, is volatile. But millennials have plenty of time to study the ins and outs of it. You should use caution at first. And as you progress, you will be able to learn to take risks and invest more along the way.


You might have seen a lot of condominiums for sale in Manila, condominiums for sale in Quezon City, condominiums for sale in Makati, and so on. Condos are undoubtedly the most popular real estate investment in the Philippines for millennials. It supports their personal and professional goals, compliments their lifestyle, and provides many opportunities. But what must millennials know about investment in a condo?

There are two ways to invest in a condo:

1. Buying a condo to live in.

Would you not wish to come home to your own place? Imagine renting an apartment for 6 years. There is no difference after your sixth year: your landlord would still own the unit and you have no place to call your own. On the other hand, if you spend the money on a real estate investment like a condo, you can sleep in peace knowing you possess an asset.

Condo developers also stay up with the times. Today, the majority of condos are equipped for the millennial lifestyle: gyms, fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, WiFi areas, security services, and retail outlets, and more. They are meant to meet the idea of the work-life balance of the Millenials. When you invest in a condo, you will not acquire a real estate property but a lifestyle as well. Those securities, amenities, or facilities are certainly not provided when you are just renting out an apartment.

Moreover, if you buy a condo property now, its selling price in the future is bound to grow. Unless you have a lot of money and fewer obligations and responsibilities in the future, it would be pricey to secure your investment in later years instead of now.

You can go also avail of pre-selling condos in Manila or at any strategic locations. Most pre-selling condos are still within your budget, and once these projects get completed, you can anticipate the value of your investment to rise just like anything else. Make the most of the affordability and relocate immediately.

When living in a condo, major tip for everyone is to have a minimalist kind of living. Which is also a good way to save money and know the value and importance of everything that you need.

2. Buying a condo as a source of passive income.

Renting out a condo is perhaps one of the best sources of passive income. Imagine having a condo that can be rented twice or three times the price. If you invest in the right place, the right location, and the right rates, you can almost retire before you're fifty. That implies less stress at work and more time to do what you want. Invest while you are young, especially if you are a millennial who does not want to sit on your office desk work until you age. The real estate scene in the country is increasing, so take advantage of it and go check out a condo for sale in Manila, a condo for sale in Pasig, a condo for sale in Taguig, and those areas outside Metro Manila.

Your house is your most valuable asset. So if you are a millennial who wants to purchase your own place, invest your hard-earned salary in a permanent home that caters to your lifestyle; whether you need a comfortable space to enjoy your time alone or amenities for a beginning family.

Furthermore, people also should remember that health is wealth. Individuals should start taking care of themselves at a young age especially young adults today. Taking good care of one's self is a good investment in the long run to have a healthy and long life. Generation Z and Millennials should start investing for their mental health and physical health.


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